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Jack Emerson

Jack Emerson Owensby

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Photos by Sarah Siak Photography with Now I lay Me Down to Sleep.

My Son

It has been over a month since I posted anything to the blog. I had been slowing down towards the end of my pregnancy anyway, but then tragedy happened. Our beautiful son Jack Emerson Owensby was stillborn on March 27th 2021, exactly 10 days before we had planned to bring him home. I don’t know when I will have a new recipe to share, but I do know that I couldn’t possibly write about anything else without sharing my son’s name. He was absolutely perfect. I hope to be back in the kitchen soon. -Katelyn


  1. You will be back soon. He was and remains absolutely perfect!

  2. Richard Owensby

    As grandparents we are devastated losing Jack. He will always live on in our hearts and he will indeed always be perfect. ❤️

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