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Baked oats topped with walnuts and chocolate chips
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Baked Oats with Nutella


When I recently explored ways to use up my leftover oat milk, my child demanded that I make baked oats for a week straight. He doesn’t get chocolate chips for breakfast often so I wasn’t surprised that he was all in. Overall these baked oats are a nutritious breakfast option, […]

acia bowl topped with fresh fruit and granola

My First Açaí Bowl


When I sat down to write this post about açaí bowls, embarrassingly enough, I still didn’t know how to pronounce açaí. I suppose we should start there. It is pronounced (ah-sigh-EE). I’m so glad I finally figured that out! It only took me 5+ years to google it….OK, now that […]

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My Leftover Oat Milk

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Recently I asked Instagram what I should do with some oat milk I had leftover from making a vegan buttercream frosting for a birthday cake. I’m more than happy about another opportunity to share a picture of my son’s dragon birthday cake. We were both pretty proud.😍 Nobody in our […]

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Lori’s Lemon Pound Cake


“Lemon pound cake is my favorite dessert”. My ears perked up and I quickly grabbed a pen and paper. Those words, from this friend, were all the motivation I needed to get back in the kitchen. I felt a rush of excitement and motivation. Feelings I don’t often experience these […]

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Jack’s Coconut Macaroon


I set out to make a perfect Christmas cookie to honor my son Jack Emerson who was stillborn on March 27th 2021. I needed a place to channel some of my grief and I needed to start cooking again. I chose a coconut macaroon because someone sent them from Old […]


Year One Goals


Well, I didn’t hit any of them! When I started Tastes Just Like A Memory in August of 2020, I set several goals for the first year and I thought I’d share them here. Post 60 new recipes / I posted 50 Reach 2,500 page views in 1 month/ I […]