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Baked spinach and feta crescent squares stacked on top of each other

Easy Spinach & Feta Crescent Roll Bake

Dinner, Vegetarian, Vegetarian

Keep this easy spinach and feta crescent roll bake in your back pocket for nights you need something quick and delicious for dinner without a lot of effort. You probably already have these ingredients on hand, and this recipe can be easily adapted with a variety of fillings. This crescent […]

Baked oats topped with walnuts and chocolate chips

Baked Oats with Nutella

Baked Goods, Breakfast

When I recently explored ways to use up my leftover oat milk, my child demanded that I make baked oats for a week straight. He doesn’t get chocolate chips for breakfast often so I wasn’t surprised that he was all in. Overall these baked oats are a nutritious breakfast option, […]

acia bowl topped with fresh fruit and granola

My First Açaí Bowl


When I sat down to write this post about açaí bowls, embarrassingly enough, I still didn’t know how to pronounce açaí. I suppose we should start there. It is pronounced (ah-sigh-EE). I’m so glad I finally figured that out! It only took me 5+ years to google it….OK, now that […]

My Leftover Oat Milk

Recipe Reviews

Recently I asked Instagram what I should do with some oat milk I had leftover from making a vegan buttercream frosting for a birthday cake. I’m more than happy about another opportunity to share a picture of my son’s dragon birthday cake. We were both pretty proud.😍 Nobody in our […]

Lori’s Lemon Pound Cake

Baked Goods, Cakes

“Lemon pound cake is my favorite dessert”. My ears perked up and I quickly grabbed a pen and paper. Those words, from this friend, were all the motivation I needed to get back in the kitchen. I felt a rush of excitement and motivation. Feelings I don’t often experience these […]

Jack’s Coconut Macaroon

Baked Goods, Cookies

I set out to make a perfect Christmas cookie to honor my son Jack Emerson who was stillborn on March 27th 2021. I needed a place to channel some of my grief and I needed to start cooking again. I chose a coconut macaroon because someone sent them from Old […]

Year One Goals


Well, I didn’t hit any of them! When I started Tastes Just Like A Memory in August of 2020, I set several goals for the first year and I thought I’d share them here. Post 60 new recipes / I posted 50 Reach 2,500 page views in 1 month/ I […]

israeli cous cous salad with red pepper, cucumber, feta, red onion, basil and a lemon vinaigrette in a white serving bowl

Simple Couscous Salad (Israeli/Pearl)

Sides, Vegetarian

The 4th of July is right around the corner and this simple couscous salad is a perfect side to bring with you to wherever you might be watching fireworks on Sunday! It is bright. It is light. It is full of fresh summer vegetables, and it is extremely easy to […]

3 key lime pie bars on a marble slab topped with lime slices and lime zest

Key Lime Pie Bars

Baked Goods, Bars, Desserts

First things first, there is nothing traditional about these key lime pie bars. In fact, I don’t even use key limes. Shhhhhh…..Don’t tell Florida! Regular limes work perfectly for making this super tart key-lime-esque dessert, and you get so much more for your money. Not to mention they are way […]